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Debunking 4 Common COVID-19 Senior Living Myths

With the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 still affecting everyone’s lives, people the world over are having to modify their daily activities and limit their social life to protect themselves from COVID-19. The residents of senior living communities need to be extra careful to avoid exposure to the virus because they could be at high risk for health complications if they get sick. These added safety precautions have led to several senior living myths about life at senior living communities.

While it’s true that living facilities, care services and daily activities at senior living communities have been affected by the pandemic. And close contact with loved ones outside the community is restricted and interaction among residents has had to be modified. This may make you wonder if a move to a senior living community is a good idea right now. But the truth is the active lifestyle of today’s senior living communities, like Harbour’s Edge, is thriving because of the expert care services and commitment to whole-life wellness that team members bring to their work every day. So what are these senior living myths?

Senior Living Myth #1: Senior Living Communities Aren’t Safe

two women greeting each other by touching elbows while wearing face masks

Reality: Visitors and deliveries are carefully monitored, and those who are admitted are thoroughly screened. The safety of the residents of these communities is the number one priority of team members, and this includes continual sanitizing of surfaces, and strictly following mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines. The fact is that an older adult living in a traditional private home may not have these safey precautions in place to help protect them from coronavirus.

Senior Living Myth #2: Senior Living Residents Are Socially Isolated

Reality: Social distancing does not mean social isolation. Daily activities have had to be modified, but not eliminated. One of the main purposes of a senior living community is to provide easy and convenient opportunities to socialize. Even with the modifications needed to keep residents and team members protected during the pandemic, the social life and daily activities of a senior living community are still an absolute priority. And team members are always happy to help residents use email and video chatting to keep in close contact with loved ones.

Senior Living Myth #3: Senior Living Residents Aren’t Physically Active

two seniors practicing yoga in a sunny room

Reality: Changes have been made to allow seniors to maintain their active lifestyle. Today’s senior living community team members make sure their residents have access to safe and socially distanced physical activity. Walking outside and getting fresh air is a great way to de-stress and unwind. All you have to do is wear a mask and keep a safe distance, and you can walk with a group as you normally would. Also, exercise classes have been modified to allow for more space and for equipment to be properly sanitized.

Senior Living Myth #4: There’s Nothing To Do At A Senior Living Community Right Now

Reality: There are a great many daily activities available at senior living communities. A focus on whole-life wellness and quality of life is what a senior living community is all about, and having experts on hand to provide health and wellness programming is an advantage that may not be available in a traditional private home. Team members are trained to provide COVID-19-safe activities that help residents live their best life at all levels of care.

Seniors, whether living independently or making use of care services, are thriving in today’s senior living communities. If these senior living myths are keeping you from making a move to a senior living community during these uncertain times, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let us show you how dedicated we are to your health and safety. We’re here for you, and your very best life awaits.

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