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a care worker or medical professional or housing officer makes a house call to a senior client at her home . She is discussing the senior woman’s options on her digital tablet.


Experience Supported Living

Simplify the day-to-day and free up more time to live a life of passion and purpose with the extra support and assistance you or your loved one needs to truly thrive. It’s all within reach at Harbour’s Edge.

Compassionate Care and Support Available 24/7

Senior Rehabilitation Center
Recover and Recuperate

Imagine getting the highest quality of care from a supportive, skilled team while spending your recovery time enjoying luxurious, resort-style amenities. At Harbour’s Edge, this dream scenario is a reality. Our rehabilitation services are available to residents of our community, as well non-residents who want to recuperate in style in sunny Delray Beach. We even have the distinguished honor of winning the 2022-23 U.S. News and World Report award for best in short-term rehabilitation, so you have peace of mind knowing you’re getting nothing less than the best.

Skilled Nursing Services
Expert Care in a Comfortable Setting

Skilled nursing at Harbour’s Edge offers comprehensive long-term care services in a caring and comfortable setting. A skilled, certified team of nursing professionals provides the highest quality of care. Our health center is second-to-none in the Delray Beach area.

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senior couple walks towards the entrance of the health center at Harbiyr;

[Supported living is] something that we all hope we never have to use, but the reality of life is it may come to that at some point. So it's a very good thing to have if you're looking for a place to live.

- Diane Haines, Harbour’s Edge Resident


A Glimpse Inside

Supported care at Harbour’s Edge offers many different specialized care options, all with access to luxurious amenities and resort-style services in a modern, sophisticated setting.

small waterfall, body of water, pine trees, and landscaping at Harbour's Edge Senior Living Communitydining tables draped with crisp white cloths in the dining room at Harbour's Edge Senior Living Community, a grand piano in the backgroundreclining bicycles and fitness equipment in the fitness center at Harbour's Edge Senior Living Communityexterior view of driveway and landscaping in front of an outpatient clinic at Harbour's Edge Senior Living Communityclose-up of a beautifully plated upscale meal on rectangular plate