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6 Ways Community Living Leads to a More Active Lifestyle

Think about the times in your life when you were the most active socially and physically. The first few things that typically come to mind are school experiences, campus living during college and office-endorsed wellness challenges. So what do all of these things have in common? They’re driven by community. 

Often in retirement years finding and maintaining that community can be difficult. Family moves far away, you lose friends, you may move yourself and all the business of adult life narrows the windows you have for connecting with others, even with the added freedom of retirement. Regardless of the hurdles, the benefits of prioritizing your health and wellness as an older adult are well worth the effort. 

For many seniors, the added benefit of having a community of peers right outside of your door can make a world of difference in the enjoyment and engagement with these important priorities. 

Why Health and Wellness are Key Factors to Consider in Your Retirement Years 

Just as eating well, making time for self-care and maintaining a regular exercise routine are beneficial in your youth, the results of continuing to feed that foundation of wellness in your older years can yield impressive results. 

Taking a quick 20 minutes out of your day to go for a walk or hike or find a new type of movement helps maintain and even increase your level of fitness. Exercising regularly provides more energy, greater stamina and more flexibility. Additionally, prioritizing your wellness by eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water and making sure you get enough sleep at night alongside an exercise routine can reduce inflammation in the body, and thus, reduce joint pain as well as other aches and pains that are often associated with aging.

Caring for your body in your retirement years ultimately means that you can truly make the most of these years you’ve worked so hard for, and feel your best doing it.

How Community Living Keeps You Active and Engaged

We mentioned before the critical role a sense of community plays in building and keeping an active lifestyle. It’s been proven that having accountability partners and like-minded individuals play a role in your routines makes it more likely you’ll stick to those routines.

Built-in Workout Buddies

The seniors living at Harbour’s Edge get all the perks of living on their own with the added benefit of living near others in their age range with similar ideals, interests and goals. That makes it much easier to find an exercise buddy. Whether you’re in it for the competitive fun or the socialization that comes from regular outings with your new friends, Harbour’s Edge provides plenty of options to find your best workout partner yet. 

Low Maintenance Living 

Living in a retirement community offers a variety of benefits that you don’t get from living at home. With maintenance services, housekeeping options and more, being free from obligations opens up time for you to focus on your active lifestyle. 

How Residents Live Active Lifestyles at Harbour’s Edge

Living in an independent senior living community makes wellness easier, but living in a Lifespace community makes it fun, accessible and exciting, too. 

Programs and Activities

Our residents have programs and activities available to keep them active and engaged. Harbour’s Edge offers a variety of social, cultural and recreational programming designed to stimulate the mind and the body. We also have a comprehensive health and wellness program that can be tailored to the movement and exercise needs of each individual resident. 

Choose Your Engagement

At this stage in your life, our residents know what they want — and what they don’t want. For that reason, seniors at Harbour’s Edge have the freedom to choose the kind of active lifestyle they want to live. Whether that means hitting the weights or opting for low-impact, low-resistance workouts that are easy on the joints and relaxing above all else, our team excels at developing fitness and multidimensional wellness routines customized to the needs of our residents.

Support at Every Step

As part of our full continuum of care philosophy, Harbour’s Edge is here to make sure residents have what they need to live their retirement years to the fullest. Whether that is short-term rehabilitation to get you back to the activities you enjoy most, more intensive care, or just an extra hand building out your daily calendar of events and activities, we have you covered. 

Residents at Harbour’s Edge are never without a listening ear or helping hand. If you’re interested in learning more about our community, fill out the form below or call us at 561-272-7979.

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