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Things To Do for Seniors in Delray Beach This Summer

Why do the majority of older adults choose to retire in Florida? Could it be because of the wonderful, warm weather or because it’s one of the 10 most tax-friendly states for retirees, according to Kiplinger.com? Whatever the reason, sophisticated seniors are relocating to Florida to live the retirement of their dreams. 

For older adults looking to live retirement by their own rules, Harbour’s Edge, a cosmopolitan senior living community in Delray Beach, Florida offers residents the opportunity to create enriching independent lifestyles

Harbour’s Edge residents love exploring Delray Beach and its surrounding cities. With a diverse range of restaurants, museums and events, there’s always something exciting to do in the city. 

Why Delray Beach is a Perfect Summer Destination

This affluent beach city is popular all year round, but really comes to life in the summer. This is because there are special festivals, events and parades that only happen during summer months. 

Here are a few reasons older adults are spending their summers in Delray Beach.

  1. Unique artistic community: The natural beauty and urban-suburban feel of Delray Beach has drawn writers and artists from across the state and the country. This booming artistic community offers a unique vibe and exceptional boutique shopping and events for art connoisseurs and passionate creative souls alike. 
  2. Endless entertainment: Whether you want to join a street festival, dine at a unique restaurant or explore the famous Pineapple Grove Arts District, there’s always something to do in Delray Beach.
  3. Close proximity to the beach: Everyone wants to live close to the beach, right? Why not live the dream? Residents of Delray Beach can wake up to beautiful sunrises, meditate to the soothing sound of the waves or enjoy inspiring walks along the shore anytime. 

Exciting Outdoor Summer Activities

With so much to do in Delray Beach, you’ll probably spend most of your time outdoors. The following list contains three outdoor activities that we here at Harbour’s Edge think seniors are most likely to enjoy. Be sure to add these to your summer social calendar!

Visit the Beach

According to some Florida residents, Delray Beach is considered one of the nicest beaches in the state. It’s the optimal spot to run, bike or just relax.  If you want to find a good spot, however, be sure to get there early. 

Explore Japanese Gardens

You may be surprised to learn that Delray Beach has a connection to the “Land of Rising Sun.” The Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens is a beautiful celebration of Japanese culture and traditions. The six exquisite gardens are a popular place for older adults to take a peaceful walk and learn more about Japanese nature aesthetics.  

Get Florida Festive

Delray Beach has no shortage of summer festivals and parades. Almost daily, there is a vibrant festival taking place somewhere on Atlantic Ave. These festivals celebrate art, music, culture and food. Popular festivals include Art & Jazz on the Ave and the Downtown Delray Beach Memorial Day Weekend Craft Festival.   

Soothing Indoor Experiences

Although there are more than enough outdoor festivals and events to fill your summer, don’t forget to partake in Delray Beach’s numerous indoor activities. These activities include luxurious spa retreats, delicious restaurants and exciting live theater performances. 

Relax at the Spa 

After enjoying some time on the beach, check into the luxurious Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa. This resort markets itself as an “unforgettable seaside escape, immersed in laid-back sophistication and American-Caribbean design and modern comforts.” Services and amenities include an award-winning spa, upscale restaurants and beautiful lounges. 

Savor Elegant Dining

Delray Beach is a food lover’s paradise. Every city offers a delectable array of dishes, and Delray Beach is no exception. One popular fine dining establishment is Salt7, whose name alludes to the seven different kinds of salts combined to season their delicious steaks.

Watch a Live Performance 

In a city full of musicians, artists and actors, there are plenty of live performances that you can attend. The Delray Beach Playhouse markets itself as a “hidden gem on Lake Ida.” Get tickets to see classics and new productions performed by a talented cast. 

Enjoy Summer Activities At Harbour’s Edge

The city of Delray Beach is the premier destination for seniors who want a dynamic retirement lifestyle in a unique community. At Harbour’s Edge you’ll meet like-minded peers, live in  elegant apartments and engage in immersive social activities. Contact us to learn more about life at Harbour’s Edge. 

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