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How to Host a Holiday Gathering at a Senior Living Community

Hosting a holiday gathering can be a joyful experience, though it does come with some challenges. We love spending time with friends and family, but to do so requires planning, preparation and other logistics that take time and energy. Fortunately, if you have moved to a senior living community or are considering transitioning to one, hosting a holiday party can be easier than ever before. 

Why? Community living offers numerous perks, from guests suites and private dining rooms to on-site cleaning and maintenance services that can assist with unexpected messes. 

Here are some strategies on how to host a successful holiday gathering at a senior living community.. 

Start Your Preparations Early

Begin your holiday preparations as early as possible, especially if you’re looking to reserve a private dining or party room at your senior living community. These rooms are ideal for hosting intimate holiday parties. If you need a larger space, reach out to a team member in your community and see if they have an auditorium or other large common space that you can reserve for your gathering.   

You can, of course, also host your celebration in your new home, just as you always would. Craft a delicious holiday meal in your full kitchen, ask the maintenance team to help you move furniture to accommodate guests and open up your patio or balcony doors for additional space. 

Plan Your Holiday Menu  

When it comes to planning your holiday menu, the options are as limitless as your imagination. While you can always cook a meal or invite family members to bring their signature sides, your unique residence offers additional options. 

Consider catering your party from one of your community’s on-site dining venues, or cater from an off-site source. You may find that simply enjoying a holiday meal at one of these venues is your easiest option, as those with varying tastes and dietary preferences can be accommodated. Best of all, there won’t be any clean-up for you! 

Reserve Guest Suites  

You may not know that many senior living communities offer guest suites for overnight stays. If you are inviting friends and family from out of town, consider reserving a guest suite for them. This avoids the hassle of finding and booking a nearby hotel and has the added benefit of giving you more time to spend with these loved ones.   

Prepare for Your Guests

As the party date nears, book yourself an appointment at the on-site salon to ensure you’re looking your best. Schedule a private car to take you out on a shopping trip to pick up the perfect outfit. You can even arrange for the community’s housekeeping service to come and clean your home ahead of or after the party. 

Ask Team Members for Help

One of the biggest perks of living in a retirement community like Harbour’s Edge is that you have access to an entire team of individuals who want to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. If you need help with any part of the planning process, don’t hesitate to ask your senior living community team for assistance. They may be able to connect you with on-site resources or third parties that can help. 

Why Holidays Are Better at Harbour’s Edge

At Harbour’s Edge, a senior living community in Delray Beach, Florida, we offer residents luxurious living spaces and a range of bespoke amenities and services that make living here a joy. We’re also located near local arts, entertainment and shopping destinations that can keep the whole family engaged when they visit. 

The best way to decide if independent living at Harbour’s Edge is the right choice for you is to experience our community for yourself. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a tour.

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