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5 Ways to Create Lasting Memories With Younger Grandchildren

As a proud grandparent, you of course want to be a part of your grandchild’s life. This includes spending time with them and creating lasting memories that they will cherish as they grow older. However, organizing activities that younger grandchildren will enjoy is often easier said than done. Continue reading for inspiration on how to set yourself up for grandparenting success.

Do This First: Communicate With Their Parents

While it may seem intuitive – especially if your grandchildren are still young – it’s worth mentioning that you should of course make sure to reach out to their parents to discuss what your grandchildren are interested in and plan time together. Often, families find that the arrival of grandchildren can bring them closer together. Whatever your relationship with your adult children, there is an opportunity to reconnect or strengthen your bonds with them, too. Open communication is key. 

Ideas for Things to Do With Your Grandchildren

Here are some ideas for things to do with your grandchildren when they’re coming over for a visit, alongside some additional inspiration for when you’re connecting with them from afar.

1. If Your Grandchild Loves the Outdoors

If your grandchild has a fascination with the outdoors, then you’re in luck. Consider a morning or afternoon excursion to the beach for a fun day in the sun. Just remember to pack plenty of sunscreen and water.

If you enjoy gardening, then consider showing grandchildren your latest batch of plants and you can even give them a lesson on caring for plants. And if you just want to get outside for a little bit of exercise, take them to a nearby park or scenic outdoor spot for a walk or stroller ride.

As your grandchild gets older, then that opens the door to activities like hiking, biking and more, as your mutual ability and interests allow.

2. If Your Grandchild Enjoys Reading Books

If your grandchild cannot get enough of a book or book series, then consider picking up a copy or copies of what they are reading for yourself. Start your own book club and see if their parents want to get involved. You can discuss themes, settings and characters in the book.

Of course, reading to your younger grandchild is also a fun way to bond with them and keep them entertained. Listening to an audiobook is another option if you’re ever traveling together. And don’t forget the joy that a simple trip to your local library can bring to your grandchild.

3. If Your Grandchild Likes Watching Movies

Ask your grandchild if they’ve seen any good movies lately to get a feel for their interests. Then find an age-appropriate movie your grandchild is interested in and make time to watch it — either with them or separately. Schedule time to discuss the themes of the movie and what they enjoyed.

4. If Your Grandchild Plays Video Games

Quite a few older adults enjoy playing video games and there are a variety of options out there, from gaming on smartphones or tablets to video game consoles. Nintendo consoles and games, in particular, are ideal for children and easier to pick up for older adults new to the hobby. If your  grandchild is interested in video games, ask what they are playing and consider trying it out.

There are even certain games that you can play online with your grandchildren.

5. If Your Grandchild Likes Puzzles

Putting together LEGOs and other building block-style toys is a favorite pastime for many children and it’s an activity that you can help them with and also enjoy. You can even pick up a matching LEGO set for you and your grandchild and schedule virtual building times if that is easier. If you or your grandchild enjoys jigsaw puzzles, that is another activity that you can do together.

Bonus Tip: Emphasize Quality Time Over Giving Gifts

Giving gifts to celebrate a special occasion or holiday is a great way to bring your grandchild joy, but it’s more than likely that your grandchild’s interests will change over time. As your grandchild gets older they will be more likely to remember and value shared experiences over gifts.

Connect With Other Grandparents at Harbour’s Edge

At Harbour’s Edge, a senior living community in Delray Beach, Florida, one of our goals is to provide you with the right mix of services and amenities to help you pursue the hobbies and passions you most enjoy. That also includes freeing up time to spend with grandchildren, who are always welcome here! Many of our residents are also grandparents and they have a lot of valuable knowledge to share.

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