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Is Independent Living the Right Choice for You?

When planning for retirement there comes a time when you need to decide where you want to enjoy the one of the most fulfilling chapters of your life. While staying at home is an option, there are a number of reasons why people move into independent living communities like Harbour’s Edge as opposed to an assisted living community.  

Continue reading to discover what an independent senior living community is, why so many older adults make the move to one and get suggestions on how to determine if it’s right for you.

What Is an Independent Senior Living Community?

An independent senior living community offers private residences and amenities and services that older adults don’t often enjoy if choosing to stay in their current home. For instance, at Harbour’s Edge, amenities include chef-driven dining options, a modern health center, an on-site performing arts space and a full-service salon and spa.

That’s in addition to services like regular maintenance of all residences, common areas and grounds, and access to a variety of social, cultural and recreational activities. The types of residences available and quality of services and amenities provided are what separates one independent living community from another.  

Where Do Independent Living Residents Live?

Independent senior living community residences typically include condos, apartments or townhomes. Harbour’s Edge offers luxurious one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment floor plans. We recommend booking a tour to explore available options and find what’s best for you.

Why Make the Move to Independent Living?

The reasons people move into an independent living community vary. For many older adults, the move represents a chance to maintain independence while freeing up time for activities. Some people also find that meeting people with similar interests is easier in a community setting.

How to Know If Independent Living Is Right for You

While the move to independent living is a viable option for many older adults, it’s still a major life decision that should be considered carefully.

Your Care Needs

Independent living is a good choice for older adults who are able to live on their own — or in the company of a partner — without a need for assistance in completing activities of daily living. If you need part-time or full-time assistance then you may want to consider an assisted living option instead.

  • What is my current health situation like? Think about your current health and abilities. Can you perform essential tasks you need to — and/or want to — on your own?
  • What health resources do I currently need? Independent senior living communities vary in the health services they provide. For instance, Harbour’s Edge offers residents on-site skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.
  • What services and amenities do I want? Beyond your health needs, also think about the resources you desire to live life to its fullest. What services and amenities matter to you?

Your Social Needs

Older adults who stay social and remain active in their local communities are more likely to live happier and healthier lives. Think about your social needs and wants.

  • How connected am I to my community? What sort of socialization options are currently available to you? Do you wish you had more opportunities to meet new people?
  • What hobbies or activities do I want to pursue? What hobbies or activities do you currently enjoy or wish you could enjoy? An independent living community can make it easier for you to pursue a new hobby or activity, or get back into one.
  • Where are friends and family located? Is there one or multiple people in your life who you want to stay close to? This can impact where you choose to live in retirement.

Your Future Needs

While no one can fully anticipate their future medical needs, there are some things you should consider before moving into any independent senior living community.

  • What is my family health history? Family health history is one of the most important risk factors for medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.
  • What will happen if my health changes? If your health changes and you are in need of part-time or full-time medical care, what options are available to you in the area?

Explore Independent Living at Harbour’s Edge

The best way to decide if independent living at Harbour’s Edge is the right choice for you is to experience our community for yourself. In addition to chic apartment living spaces, Harbour’s Edge offers residents a range of enticing amenities and services. We’re also located near local arts, entertainment and shopping. Contact us to learn more about our community.

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