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5 Ways a Continuing Care Retirement Community Can Enhance Quality of Life

There has been a surge of senior living options in recent years, including an uptick in luxurious residences for independent and socially active older adults that deliver exclusive benefits. A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) offers access to future potential health services at a predictable cost, in addition to top-tier services and amenities. Continue reading to learn some of the ways this type of senior living community can enhance your quality of life.

1. Reduce Stress

A Life Care community is a CCRC that provides the opportunity to proactively plan how you’ll pay for future care. Various CCRCs offer distinct levels of care, such as access to skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. Typically, this care is delivered right within the community.

Under the Life Care model, residents pay a one-time entrance fee and predictable monthly fees based on contract type. In return, they receive access to on-site care and a comprehensive array of services and amenities that surpass those typically offered in other types of communities.

By choosing a Life Care contract, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing care is available, if you need it. That’s in addition to the increased financial security that accompanies predictable costs for care. All of these elements combine to help reduce overall stress.

2. Improve Physical Health

Moving to a CCRC can help boost your physical health in several ways. Access to group fitness classes and an on-site fitness center means more motivation to stay physically active, and expertly prepared meals at dining venues offer variety and balance in what you eat. Depending on location, access to great year-round weather can also encourage activity and wellness. All of these factors combined make it easier to hit your personal fitness goals and stay healthy.

3. Meet New People

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are more prevalent among older adults, and it often has to do with your surroundings. Building new relationships as someone who lives in a stand-alone home versus in a community can be difficult and you may find it takes more effort and energy to make friends. Community living makes meeting new people easier because there are so many people to interact with each day. At a CCRC, you can choose to be as social as you want to be.

4. Boost Mental Health

No matter if you’re looking for renewed meaning in your life or you’re content with your current situation, community living provides even more opportunities to find purpose. Studies have shown that staying active and social can do wonders for your mental health. Community living also makes it easier to focus on your holistic wellness needs and do what’s right for you.

5. More Time for Hobbies

Another big perk of CCRC senior living is the maintenance-free lifestyle that these communities can offer. This means less time spent on daily chores and more time enjoying life and participating in new experiences. A senior living community provides the right setting for you to pick up an old hobby or develop a new one. No matter your interest, it’s likely you’ll encounter others who share your passion and who can help you grow within it.

Experience Joyful Living at Harbour’s Edge

At Harbour’s Edge, a CCRC with Life Care in Delray Beach, Florida, you’ll find all of the benefits mentioned in this article, and so much more. Our community offers an extensive list of luxurious services and amenities, alongside access to compassionate care available 24/7, should it be needed, at our modern Senior Rehabilitation Center. We also offer skilled nursing services.

Contact us or complete the form below to learn more about life at Harbour’s Edge.

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